World Premiere: Shapeshifter Media's Seamless StairGraphics on Winding Staircase at UNR Library

World Premiere: Shapeshifter Media's Seamless StairGraphics on Winding Staircase at UNR Library
World Premiere: Shapeshifter Media's Seamless StairGraphics on Winding Staircase at UNR Library

World Premiere: Seamless StairGraphics on a Winding Staircase by Shapeshifter Media

Shapeshifter Media, the German 3D advertising specialist, has achieved a remarkable feat in the world of printable 3D media and seamless StairGraphics. They have successfully extended their proprietary software to process winding staircases, enabling them as presentation surfaces for decorative purposes or monetizable advertising mediums.

The first ever installation of this kind can be found at the Library of the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). The staircase showcases their wolf mascot - an emblem also used by UNR's athletics team, Nevada Wolf Pack.

Creating Seamless StairGraphics on a Winding Staircase

To achieve this seamless representation across each step required precise measurements and quite a few mathematical tricks. This data was input into our software which then produced a printable file with die-cut. This file was sent directly to UNR staff who were able to print it locally. It's fair to say that we've taken displaying images on staircases up several notches!

  • Location: University Library, University of Nevada, Reno (UNR)
  • Mascot Displayed: Wolf - symbol for Nevada Wolf Pack athletics team
  • Purpose: Decorative and potential advertising medium
  • Craftsmanship: Precise measurement fed into proprietary software for creating 3D digital media and seamless StairGraphics.

We express our gratitude towards the wonderful people at UNR for providing us with this opportunity. We're thrilled about having solved this challenge and are excited about the new possibilities this opens up for StairGraphics on winding staircases.

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