Captivating Stairgraphic Advertising: Seamless Asahi Beer Can Design on Giant Staircase

Discover the captivating power of stairgraphics in this captivating video showcasing an eye-catching advertisement of a larger-than-life Asahi beer can on a giant staircase. This video brilliantly demonstrates how stairgraphics can be designed and aligned to create a specific perspective for viewers or even TV cameras.

By strategically placing individual image parts that have been processed with our proprietary software StairCalc on each step, a seamless and visually impressive ad grabs the attention of your audience. However, this fascinating effect is perceptible only from a designated perspective – the video illustrates how the image parts shift against each other as the camera moves away from this crucial viewpoint.

  • Engaging: Stairgraphic advertisements evoke curiosity and interest, attracting viewers towards the showcased product.
  • Customisable: Tailor your stairgraphics to match your brand and desired perspective, creating a memorable experience for viewers.
  • Effective: This unique advertising medium captures attention and leaves a lasting impression in the viewer's mind.

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