3D WallGraphics

3D solutions for billboards, windows and walls

Our precisely calculated 3D WallGraphics help you raise instant awareness on your retail store windows, your buildings' walls and let you create unique 3D display solutions for your clients.

A mass advertising format transformed to let you stick out from the masses

Conventional Billboards

Today's billboards are mainly rectangular banners in public places, which come in a variety of flavors, depending on the location of the advertising space. Some of the most popular uses of billboards include :

  • Framed billboards in the city or on the highway
  • Backlit billboards at bus stops and bus shelters
  • Oversized wall graphics on scaffolds
  • Decals on shop windows
  • Billboards and banners inside a booth
  • In-store wall graphics

Overcoming the limits

To overcome the limits with classic billboard formats, Shapeshifter Media has developed a procedure to apply our 3D advertising methods to vertical structures. 3D wall graphics enable the use of any moderately sized wall structure as a 3D advertising space, including overlapping spacesWith our method for 3D billboards, a number of overlapping surfaces can be combined to look like a giant 3D image. and moving vehicles.

3D Wall Graphic over 3 billboards and a building

Indoor 3D Wall Graphics

Guinness Made Of More 3D Billboard

3D billboards are highly customized transformations of common wall surfaces into 3d advertising formats. Of course, this is only possible through the use of mathematical formulas in 3D space.

But no matter what the wall-like surface or even entire room looks like, if you wish to use stickers/decals or non-self-adhesive materials, there is a way to make most of them easily accessible as an exploitable 3d advertising space by using our 3D Wall Graphics

Based on the measures for such an advertising space, we will use our 3d workflow to transform an existing advertising image into a 3d visual on said space.

See more examples of our 3D WallGraphics in our 3D advertising gallery.

More 3D billboard formats

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