Tnuva Yoplait Yogurt Delight Drink 3D Floor Sticker

Instant YUM!

Yoplait yoghurt drink on 3d floor sticker

Pepsi 20oz 3D Bottle Drops: Iconic Floor Mat Adhesive for Refreshing Promotions

Thirsty for conversions?

Pepsi 3D FloorGraphics increase sales

Captivating 3D Floor Graphic: Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer Stands Out in Retail

Pump up that campaign!

Cetaphil in-store 3D advertising

floorgraphics miniso japan design brand 3d floor advertising bags

Grab a bag, it's shopping time!

3D floor graphic for retail store in shopping mall

Algosec's Striking 3D Trade Stand in Moscone Center Supports VR Game Promotion

It's all about balance!

Interactive 3D floor/wall combination for trade stand

Step into Adventure: Stunning 3D Floor Graphic Brings Classic Action Scenes to Life

Hang out at the hanging bridge

Indiana Jones would be proud.

3D hole on elevator floor

Come on in - it's safe!

3D hole on shopping mall elevator floor

3D FloorGraphics & Floor Decals

The definite 3D pop-up method for quick installation, instant attention and measurable success

3D FloorGraphics for effective advertising, safety signage, and crowd management. Our exclusive brand designs and our customizable templates are perfect for retail, guerilla marketing campaigns, promoting health and hygiene and enhancing brand visibility in high-traffic areas.

Instant awareness.
All the time.

3D FloorGraphics represent a transformative advancement in spatial visual communication, employing a synergy of cutting-edge software tools and innovative design principles. Pioneering this domain, Shapeshifter Media's contributions have been seminal, establishing foundational benchmarks and refining the technical intricacies involved.

Precision and quality are paramount to the success of 3D FloorGraphics. The very essence of these graphics lies in creating a three-dimensional illusion on a two-dimensional plane. The most precise, creative designs and impeccable execution are the keys to high viewer engagement and successful sales. Furthermore, high-quality materials and craftsmanship ensure the longevity and durability of the graphics, especially in high-traffic areas. In essence, it is the meticulous attention to precision and unwavering commitment to quality that elevates a 3D FloorGraphic from a mere floor design to an immersive visual experience.

The applications of 3D FloorGraphics are vast and varied, from enhancing in-store marketing strategies and retail advertising landscapes to offering novel solutions in event marketing and out-of-home advertising scenarios. Their utility extends beyond mere advertising; they play pivotal roles in regulating traffic within facilities, directing visitors, and even conveying critical health and hygiene messages.

Standard floor sticker Before
3D FloorGraphics After
Standard floor sticker Before
3D FloorGraphics After
Floral 3D FloorGraphic in the shape of a heart for opening hours in retail stores
Seasonal branding in front of retail stores
Heineken 3D floor advertising sticker in a supermarket for point of sale marketing
Point Of Sale 3D FloorGraphic for Heineken Beer
3D street art chalc drawing of a 3D gift box for guerilla marketing
Guerilla 3D floor chalk template on the streets
3D hole floor sticker showing an exvacation site in egypt with a 3D sphinx. A women appears to hold a showvel to dig up artifacts in the 3D site.
Great eye-catchers & fun scenes for social marketing

The only real 3D FloorGraphics

Shapeshifter Media has set a benchmark in the advertising industry with their innovative 3D FloorGraphics. As the inventors of multiple 3D advertising formats and creators of proprietary software for calculating 3D advertising media, the company has revolutionized point of sale marketing, out of home advertising, ambient media, retail advertising, event marketing, as well as health, safety, and security signage.

By enabling the marketing and monetization of previously unused spaces, Shapeshifter Media is transforming the advertising landscape with their cutting-edge technology.

All software, mathematical- and automation tools for the creation of our 3d advertising media and customisable 3D templates is created in Germany.

Influencing customers' purchase decisions and strengthening brand awareness at the pointo f sale is key to increasing and maintaining sales
3D Pepsi floor decal showing two pepsi bottles sitting in ice cubes. The blue background mat indicates the sales price.

What are 3D FloorGraphics

3D FloorGraphics are self-adhesive foils, stickers, or floor mats designed to display images or messages that appear three-dimensional to the viewer. These graphics require a deep understanding of the human perception, physical eye characteristics, lens specifications and mathematical methods to create the 3D pop-up effect.

When floor graphics are printed as stickers, the PVC substrates are coated with an anti-slip laminate. The mobile versions, printed on various materials like velour carpets, foam mats, floor laminates, or neoprene, can be reused in different locations.
Find out more about the materials for 3D FloorGraphics.

Commercial 3D FloorGraphics were first created by Josef Hinterkeuser in 1999 for the very first installation of “Cam Carpets”, which are flat mats that sit next to goal posts on football fields and give the illusion to act as a regular, upright standing banner.

Today 3D FloorGraphics serve as a highly flexible and efficient marketing tool, as dramatic 3D backdrops for photo shootings and to create instant awareness for regulations in critical locations.

Why choose 3D FloorGraphics

3D FloorGraphics are an ideal choice for capturing the attention of customers, visitors, staff, and travelers, delivering advertisements, messages, reminders or warnings in even the busiest and most advertising-cluttered environments.

These versatile graphics do not require electricity or pre-existing installations, can be produced and delivered by local printing companies, and can be applied or removed as needed. They can be strategically or randomly placed to target specific audiences and are a cost-effective solution for increasing sales, managing crowds, or reminding staff of critical behavior in industrial facilities.

Our 3D floor graphics are available as custom designs, created exclusively for your brand, your product or your communication requirements and as an ever-growing line-up of pre-made 3D floor signs that can be purchased and adapted to your needs from our 3D FloorGraphics Shop.

Sheet describing the required input materials to create 3D FloorGraphics
We take your input graphics & briefing ...
An illustration of a mythical machine in a basement.
... let them process by the mythological 3D math engine in our basement ...
3D FloorGraphics of soda bottles 20 oz in retail marketing.
and out comes a perfect 3D FloorGraphic for your campaign! ;)

How are 3D FloorGraphics created?

3D FloorGraphics are designed using special perspective and arrangement techniques to create an image that includes products, messages, symbols, or other graphics provided by the client. Shapeshifter Media helps in identifying the best components and arrangements for creating impactful 3D FloorGraphics for various campaigns. Shapeshifter Media uses their own proprietary software to recalculate the final scene in order to match the desired application and output size.

The print-ready graphics can be used with any printing company or substrate, while maintaining the chosen aspect ratio and size. Additionally, multiple versions and sizes can be created from the initial design at a reduced cost. Shapeshifter Media also offers customisable pre-made 3D floor designs that can easily be adapted to fit a specific brand, facility, or message. These customisable 3D FloorGraphics can be found in our online shop.

Walk around a 3D FloorGraphic

A walk-around that shows how our 3D FloorGraphics look from all sides.
Typically, 3D floor advertising would face the walking direction of consumers in supermarkets or be oriented towards an entrance area.

Major applications of 3D FloorGraphics

Special offer 3D FloorGraphic showing large block numbers 2.99 to promote a special sale for light bulbs.
Be classy and work with ambience
Nestle gourmet thunvish jar as a 3D FloorGraphic. The floor sticker is used to promote the product in supermarkets.
Instantly increase sales
A 3D floor graphic showing 15% as large 3D block type on a background mat. This threedimensional sticker is used for discounts in retail.
You can find a full set of discount templates in our shop.
A chocolate milk pack as a large 3D FloorGraphic in front of a refrigerator in a supermarket.
Influence purchase decisions
Vodaphone 3D gift boxes on a 3D FLoorGraphic in a shopping mall to advertise for seasonal offers.
Present seasonal surprises
A large shopping bag filled with Azrieli gift cards for the Israelic shopping mall. This 3D Floor sticker sits in front of an escalator.
Create brand awareness throughout a venue

In-store Marketing and Retail Advertising with 3D FloorGraphics

3D FloorGraphics offer a unique and engaging solution for in-store marketing and retail advertising. As a surprising and rewarding eye-catcher, they can be used to inform customers about opening hours, welcome them with seasonal designs, or display special offers at the store entrance. Additionally, these graphics can serve as directional signs, guide customers to products, and remind them of special offers throughout the store.

To influence purchase decisions, 3D FloorGraphics can showcase product benefits near shelves or offer interactive promotions, such as samples or discounts, for engaging with the design on social media or scanning QR codes. They also effectively remind customers of health and hygiene guidelines and convey appreciation for their purchases at the exit.

Event Marketing with 3D floor decals

3D FloorGraphics can significantly enhance event marketing by creating interactive areas for attendees to engage with, take photos, and share on social media, offering rewards or samples for using specific hashtags. These graphics can also be used to create immersive landscapes for event stands, exhibition booths, or mobile event areas that reinforce brand messaging. By showcasing different product versions or incorporating action shooting and games in 3D floor designs, brands can effectively promote their products.

Moreover, 3D FloorGraphics can raise attention by presenting controversial or disruptive layouts related to social or environmental issues, fostering conversation with event staff. Utilizing 3D FloorGraphics not only captures the attention of event attendees but also fosters memorable connections between potential customers and your brand.

Large 3D floor mat for Red Bull showing a launching pad over a deep cliff with a pool of blue water far below. This is a mobile action photo shooting using 3D FloorGraphics.
Host mobile event shootings
A large-scale 3D FloorGraphic of a deep pit in the ground. An old, damaged hanging bridge appears to lead over the cliff. This is an event 3D FloorGraphic for photo shootings.
A giant 3D action scene for a photo shooting
Acer Green-up as a 3D floor decal at their in-house event. The FloorGraphic was calculated to match a perspective from the first floor.
The massive ACER GREENUP logo in front of their trade stand.
3D FloorGraphic and WallGrphic combination ant the AlgoSec booth at a trade fair at he Moscone Center. Two large beams appear to lead over an opening in a building far above a city skyline. This 3D decal was used in combination with a VR helmet.
Real 3D backdrop for VR event stand at the Moscone Center
World Vision Event at the Berlin main station to create awareness for child-protection. A white hand appears to reach out from a lrge hole in the ground.
WorldVision installation to create awareness for social issues

A traffic rule reminder as a large 3D FloorGraphic with chalc paint on the streets of Tel Aviv.
Traffic rule reminder for riders on a bike lane
3D Chalc Drawing guerilla marketing floor graphics of cocal cola cans on the pavement.
Cocal Cola guerilla marketing with chalk colors
A warning sign in fron of a railroad crossing. The 3D floor graphic shows a message raied in 3D type.
Sprayed railroad crossing warning sign
A promotional 3D floor sticker showing a black hallowen squash on a dark background, indicating the opening hours of a shop.
Seasonal signs in front of retail stores

Out of home advertising

3D FloorGraphics are an effective tool for out of home advertising, especially in high-traffic areas such as train stations and airports. By offering solutions, discounts, or information to target audiences through QR codes, these graphics can cater to travelers' needs. They also provide a welcome distraction in resting areas and waiting lounges, where potential clients may engage with the designs, scan QR codes, or take photos with their children on the 3D scenes.

As a more disruptive option, 3D FloorGraphics can be used as environmentally-friendly spray paint templates for guerilla marketing campaigns, making them a versatile and impactful advertising solution.

Safety and Security Signage

3D FloorGraphics are highly efficient for enhancing safety and security in various environments, ensuring compliance and reducing accidental violations. They can be strategically placed to remind staff and visitors about critical areas, hazards, required behaviors, bans, and time-based information in workspaces. Additionally, 3D FloorGraphics can be used to regulate traffic in industrial facilities, inform staff about new regulations, and mark essential spots such as emergency exits, fire hoses, first aid kits, and communication panels. They easily and effectively communicate parking rules or security officer availability, and mark barriers in public areas to alert pedestrians and cyclists to potential hazards.

3D FloorGraphics can streamline emergency pathways by displaying clear and easy-to-understand routes for emergency escapes. This ensures a more coordinated response during emergencies and enables faster access to essential services.

A security 3D FloorGraphic showing the word caution as large block letters. This 3d floor sign is used for industrial areas.
Warning sign in maintenance area
White and classy 3D floor descal showing 3 arrows ppointing outwards to indicate that this area should not be occupied.
customisable 3D floor sign to keep areas clear
FloorGraphics campaign of the German police in Hesse to attract new recruits to apply for the public service.
3D recruiting ad of the German police in cinemas
Danger 3D Floor Graphic that indicated high traffic in an emergency room hallway. Instantly visible to regulate crowds busy situations.
customisable 3D floor sign to keep areas clear
A large number 2 popping up from the ground as a 3D floor sign to remind people to keep a distance in this area.
Keep a distance 3D floor sign, customisable

Floor sticker with 3D appearance. 3 arrows point inwards to indicate that people should wait or gather at this very point of interest.
Pointers for meeting points, waiting areas and drop-offs
Floral arrow for a Valentines Day promotion to show the way towards a point of interest. The opening hours of a retail store are shown in the left side of this floor decal.
Directional arrow at a valentines shopping event
A 3D toy bricks floor graphic with alrge arrow pointing towards a point of interest. This is a perfect example for sponsored messages in schools, universities, libraries or other public places.
Sponsored (toy bricks) directional signs in schools and universities
A welcome 3D floor sign for a coffee shop. The large 3D type on a typical greenish background mat is placed at the entrance of the shop.
Welcome signs with key information
A floor sticker with 3D arrows to indicate a location where people should line up. A great crowd control tool.
Reminders about the local regulations

Crowd Management with 3D FloorGraphics

Effective solutions for crowd management with 3D floor graphics are implemented by informing visitors about facility opening hours, staff availability, and health and hygiene regulations. They can direct visitors to form lines, await their turn, or access ticket machines, while also communicating seasonal offers, discounts, or item restrictions. 3D FloorGraphics help separate queues for different requests or tickets and prepare visitors for security checks to improve traffic flow. 3d floor markings also guide visitors through facilities such as hospitals, public buildings, office buildings, fun fairs, and large markets, while pointing out ramps and elevators for those with accessibility needs.

Health & Hygiene 3D floor signs

Promoting health and hygiene in various settings is critical. 3D floor graphics serve as reminders for appropriate behaviour in shops, facilities, and company grounds, while also marking key locations like lavatories, hand sanitiser dispensers, and changing rooms. These graphics help separate areas in reception areas, waiting rooms, and hallways with different queues.

As an effective marketing tool, 3D FloorGraphics can sponsor health and hygiene messages in pharmacies, hospitals, schools, universities, and public buildings. They also support the promotion of health-related products near pharmacies and drug stores through recurring or seasonal 3D floor advertising. Additionally, they help establish clear pathways for emergency routes, such as escape routes and emergency room entrances in hospitals.

A 3D FloorGraphic for Bayer Iberogast. This floor sticker shows a pack and bottle of the pharmaceutical product and is used as a sponsing tool for distance reminders in pharmacies.
Sponsored distance reminder in a pharmacy for Bayer
A typical 3D soap dispenser is whon on this colourful 3D floor sticker. It remindes people to wash their hands at an indicated location.
Reminders about the local regulations
A large number 2 on the floor reminds people to keep a distance on this highly visible 3D floor graphic. Two arrows to the front and back indicate the direction.
Keep a distance 3D floor sign, customisable
Two stylized hands over a cloudy bubble of soap remind people to wash their hands on this red and white 3D Floor Graphic. Great for use in care facilities and hospitals.
Keep a distance 3D floor sign, customisable
Large 3D dispenser bottle of Cetaphil Moisturizer as a floor graphic for advertising in supermarkets, drug stores and pharmacies.
Cetaphil 3D floor graphic in drug stores

Exclusive design for your brand or customisable template from our shop

Exclusive 3D designs for your brand

The designs are created on the basis of your input graphics for the application and formats of your choice. To order your exclusive design for 3D FloorGraphics, please get in touch via our contact form.

Customisable templates from our shop

Just download the template from our online shop, edit in Illustrator to your needs, print and you're done! Have a closer look at the many available designs in our 3D FloorGraphics Shop.

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