Tnuva Yoplait Yogurt Delight Drink 3D Floor Sticker

Instant YUM!

Yoplait yoghurt drink on 3d floor sticker

3D hole on elevator floor

Come on in - it's safe!

3D hole on shopping mall elevator floor

Step into Adventure: Stunning 3D Floor Graphic Brings Classic Action Scenes to Life

Hang out at the hanging bridge

Indiana Jones would be proud.

Algosec's Striking 3D Trade Stand in Moscone Center Supports VR Game Promotion

It's all about balance!

Interactive 3D floor/wall combination for trade stand

floorgraphics miniso japan design brand 3d floor advertising bags

Grab a bag, it's shopping time!

3D floor graphic for retail store in shopping mall

Captivating 3D Floor Graphic: Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer Stands Out in Retail

Pump up that campaign!

Cetaphil in-store 3D advertising

Pepsi 20oz 3D Bottle Drops: Iconic Floor Mat Adhesive for Refreshing Promotions

Thirsty for conversions?

Pepsi 3D FloorGraphics increase sales

3D FloorGraphics

3D graphics on floor decals & floor mats

3D advertising on the floor with our unique method for the creation of POS pop-up displays. Floor Graphics advertising in it's most attractive and most effective form.

3D FloorGraphics instantly raise awareness and directly increase sales in indoor and outdoor campaigns

The only real 3D floor graphics

Shapeshifter Media 3D FloorGraphics have set a new standard in POS marketing, Out of Home advertising and Ambient Media, adding a third dimension to your product presentation right in front of your customers' feet.

Our 3D FloorGraphics appear three-dimensional to the observer. Our innovative process for the transformation of a 2D layout to 3D space, allows for the display of objects, that seem to stand upright and can be seen even from a distance.

In contrast to other methods, we use strict math and optical principles for a perfect 3D look.

By using Shapeshifter Media 3D floor advertising media throughout your campaigns, you are presenting your target group with a striking visual advertising message.

Consumers are positively surprised and highly appreciate the unique product presentation.

3D FloorGraphics 2D vs. 3D comparison

You have a split second to get the customers' attention. Make sure your message is seen.
Common floor sticker Before
3D FloorGraphic After
Common floor sticker Before
3D FloorGraphic After

Flat print - giant 3D effect

While they seem to pop up right in front of you, Shapeshifter Media FloorGraphics are absolutely flat.

With printing the 3D graphics on self-adhesive vinyls< or fine velours carpet, nothing will physically stand in your way.

Shapeshifter Media 3D FloorGraphics can be applied to any smooth, clean and dry floor surface. Special materials exist for both indoor and outdoor use.

Anti-skid laminates on floor advertising media protect both the graphic and the customers from slipping and make it easy to clean the floor.

Walk around a 3D FloorGraphic

A quick 360°

Here's a walk-around that shows how our 3D FloorGraphics look from all sides.
Typically, 3D floor advertising would face the walking direction of consumers in supermarkets or be oriented towards an entrance area.

See different 3D FloorGraphics in action

Using our services for 3D FloorGraphics

To really put your product in the limelight with FloorGraphics, Shapeshifter Media offers various services to help secure you a clear competitive advantage.

  • choosing the right key components for your 3D FloorGraphics layout
  • creating different 3D layouts, based on your brand's look & feel
  • picking the right materials for your campaign on 3D FloorGraphics
  • supplying you with information for location-based printing of our 3D FloorGraphics
  • supplying you with information and documents for the installation, cleaning and removal of floor media

Available Worldwide

Shapeshifter Media FloorGraphics are available worldwide. You can always contact our HQ in Germany for further information and placing orders or directly contact our worldwide partners and distributors.

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