Pepsi 20 oz 3D

Thirsty for conversions?

Pepsi 3D FloorGraphics increase sales

3d hole in the floor with hanging bridge

Hang out at the hanging bridge

Indiana Jones would be proud.

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Proprietary 3D imaging technology, exclusive 3D advertising media and elegantly disruptive communication tools to monetise your space. Since 2004.

Ready to print shop templates

Customizable templates for 3D FLoorGraphics are now directly available in our shop.
You can change all 2D content in our templates (text, icons, symbols) to create custom 3D signs for your company and clients.

The street-art myth

Certain street artists publish fake mock-ups & "photos" of giant-scale 3D floor graphics that span across entire streets.

What they dont tell you:

You cannot ever perceive such images with your own eyes.

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3D FloorGraphics

Our famous 3D FloorGraphics enabled POS-campaigns, decorated social and sports events, recruited staff and provided safety in countless applications.



Shapeshifter Media StairGraphics are the ONLY method to transform a staircase into a visually seamless large advertising format without destroying your image in the process. We invented and perfected them.


3D WallGraphics

A wall, a window, a building, a billboard. Transform and monetise your vertical surface with our 3D WallGraphics.


3D VehicleWraps

Wether its your company's truck fleet or your Nascar racing car. Shapeshifter Media turns unused surfaces on your vehicle into valuable advertising and communication space. Or in short: We turn it into money.

3D VehicleWraps

3D Point Of Sale Media

Hire a 3D influencer! Communication to the client in the moment of purchase, right in front of the product shelf has become more important than ever.

3D POS Media

3D Holodeck

Usable as a seamless 3D too for branding your sales space, as a portable virtual environment for events or to quickly set up a scene for TV-shows, the 3D Holodeck can be ready in minutes.

3D Holodeck

Latest additions:

Valentine's Day Open Hours Layout with Brushed Aluminium Heart and Rose Petals
Show your love this Valentine's Day! Download our customizable template with a brushed aluminium heart, rose petals, and 3D text "We're open" to inform shoppers about the opening hours of retail stores in advance of Valentine's Day.
Enhance your retail space with our "Be My Valentine" floor sticker - perfect for setting the mood for Valentine's Day gift shopping!
3D Floor Advertising Template -
Boost your Valentine's Day sales with this eye-catching 3D floor advertising template featuring a furry heart and "Stop in the name of love" text. Ideal for malls and retail spaces.
3D Rose Petal Arrow Floor Graphic Template for Retail Store Promotion
Impress customers with this captivating 3D rose petal arrow floor graphic template, perfect for promoting your retail store during the Valentine's shopping season. Customize to suit your needs!
3D Love Floor Sign: A Flirty Touch for Your Valentine's Day Shopping Experience
Discover our cheeky 3D Love Floor Sign, perfect for creating a romantic ambience this Valentine's Day. Make your shopping experience more fun!
Attract Customers with a Unique 3D Rose Petal Arrow Floor Graphic for Valentine's Day
Enhance your store's atmosphere with our 3D Rose Petal Arrow Floor Graphic Template, perfect for the Valentine's Day season. Customize and attract customers now!
Rockstar Energy's 3D FloorGraphic: A Striking Retail Display for Enhanced Brand Awareness
Discover the eye-catching 3D FloorGraphic for Rockstar Energy, designed to boost brand awareness and sales in retail environments with its stunning visuals.
Dive Into London's Sights with This 3D Floor Art at a Shopping Mall Art Festival
Experience a surreal 3D floor art of London's famous sights at an art festival in a shopping mall, created by Shapeshifter Media.
Step into Venice: A 3D Illusion of Canal Grande and Rialto Bridge
Experience a stunning 3D illusion of Venice's Canal Grande and Rialto Bridge with this floor sticker and popup wall display, featuring anamorphic art.
Walk on the Chinese Wall: A Seamless 3D Art Experience by Shapeshifter Media
Experience the Chinese Wall through a captivating 3D art installation, merging window graphics and floor stickers to create an immersive scene.