Walk on the Chinese Wall: A Seamless 3D Art Experience by Shapeshifter Media

Walk on the Chinese Wall: A Seamless 3D Art Experience by Shapeshifter Media
Walk on the Chinese Wall: A Seamless 3D Art Experience by Shapeshifter Media

Step into a fascinating world of art and illusion with the Chinese Wall 3D art installation by Shapeshifter Media. This immersive experience combines a window graphic and a floor sticker, creating a seamless scene that transports you to the famous Great Wall of China.

Descending from the Chinese mountains, the path on top of the ancient wall appears to extend towards viewers, inviting them to physically become a part of the 3D scene by stepping onto the floor mat. The lifelike 3D stones and free stone bricks enhance the realism of this mesmerizing installation.

As you walk on the floor sticker, you'll feel as if you're truly traversing the world-renowned Chinese Wall, surrounded by its history and grandeur. This captivating 3D art piece is part of Shapeshifter Media's contribution to the art exhibition, showcasing their prowess in creating engaging and immersive experiences.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this enchanting and unique art exhibit. For more information and to view additional images, visit

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