State Water Heaters & NASCAR: A Powerful Branding Partnership

State Water Heaters & NASCAR: A Powerful Branding Partnership
State Water Heaters & NASCAR: A Powerful Branding Partnership

This image displays the rooftop of a NASCAR race car, highlighting the 3D State Water Heaters brand logo prominently positioned in the centre. The contrasting background allows for easy readability of the brand's name and logo, signifying the strong partnership between State Water Heaters and the racing team.

As a key player in the competitive world of NASCAR, this innovative approach showcases the collaboration between the brand and the racing team. Using Shapeshifter Media's software, the design aligns perfectly with the rooftop camera on sports cars, offering an engaging first-person view of the race for fans and TV viewers.

This strategic placement not only provides a unique branding opportunity for State Water Heaters but also allows the racing team to monetise an otherwise unused space. By creating an immersive viewing experience, this partnership stands out from the competition and cements the relationship between the brand and the team.

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