StairGraphics Transform Enterprise Center Stairs into Vibrant MoLottery Ads for St Louis Blues

StairGraphics Transform Enterprise Center Stairs into Vibrant MoLottery Ads for St Louis Blues
StairGraphics Transform Enterprise Center Stairs into Vibrant MoLottery Ads for St Louis Blues

StairGraphics Transform the Enterprise Center in St Louis

Take a look at this brilliant example of how StairGraphics were used to enhance the atmosphere and advertising potential at the Enterprise Center, home to the St Louis Blues ice-hockey team. MoLottery, a proud sponsor of the team, cleverly utilised every staircase surrounding the playing field to display their vibrant design.

The innovative use of space not only adds an extra touch of excitement for fans attending games but also transforms previously unused areas into valuable advertising slots that can be easily captured on TV broadcasts. It's a win-win situation for both sponsors and venue owners alike!

  • Vibrant Designs: MoLottery's colourful graphics certainly catch your eye as you make your way around the arena. The lively visuals add an extra layer of energy and enthusiasm for everyone present.
  • Creative Advertising: By covering staircases with their branding, MoLottery has turned otherwise mundane spaces into attention-grabbing adverts that are hard to miss - even when you're focused on watching some thrilling ice hockey action!
  • Taking Advantage of TV Coverage: With cameras panning across these visually striking staircases during live broadcasts, it's safe to say that MoLottery is getting fantastic exposure for their brand without resorting to traditional ad spots.

In short, this ingenious use of StairGraphics demonstrates just how effective they can be in turning underutilised areas within sports arenas into prime advertising real estate. So, if you're looking for a fresh and inventive way to boost your brand's visibility during events, it may be time to give StairGraphics a go!

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