Dortmund Surprises You: StairGraphics Display at Katharinenstraße Near Main Station

Dortmund Surprises You: StairGraphics Display at Katharinenstraße Near Main Station
Dortmund Surprises You: StairGraphics Display at Katharinenstraße Near Main Station

The "Dortmund überrascht dich" StairGraphics Installation

For the ongoing event concept, "Dortmund überrascht dich", a grand spectacle was created at Katharinenstraße. A colossal image adorning the major staircase became a visual representation of Dortmund's pride and potential.

A Display of City’s Achievements

  • Printed on high-durability outdoor foil, this installation took on an impactful presence in the cityscape.
  • Strategically placed next to Dortmund's main train station, it aimed to grab attention from both locals and visitors alike.

The StairGraphics served as more than just an art piece; it was a reflection of the city's accomplishments and opportunities. This impressive display certainly does justice to its name - indeed, "Dortmund surprises you!"

Note: The exact location is Katharinenstraße - if you're passing by, don't miss out on this artistic testament to Dortmund's spirit!

Fancy seeing more installations like this? Keep your eyes peeled for further surprises around every corner in Dortmund!

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