Algosec's Striking 3D Trade Stand in Moscone Center Supports VR Game Promotion

Algosec's Striking 3D Trade Stand in Moscone Center Supports VR Game Promotion
Algosec's Striking 3D Trade Stand in Moscone Center Supports VR Game Promotion

It's all about balance!

Interactive 3D floor/wall combination for trade stand

Witness Algosec's captivating trade stand at an exhibition in Moscone Center, San Francisco. The stand is masterfully crafted using a printed backdrop banner and 3D floor graphic, creating a seamless illusion of two wooden beams within the opening of a high-rise building.

Featuring a stunning city skyline background, the artfully designed 3D wall and floor combination draws visitors into an exciting VR game, offered by Algosec at their stand. Guests are instantly intrigued by this mesmerising installation, as it appears to place them precariously high above the city streets.

  • Enhancing interactive experiences with 3D visuals
  • Encouraging engagement with a powerful illusion
  • Supporting VR games with impactful print graphics

The Algosec display showcases the incredible potential of stationary printed 3D floor graphics and wall graphicsin enhancing promotional VR games. As onlookers and passers-by are drawn to this alluring display, the trade stand generates interest and excitement around Algosec's VR offerings.

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