Acer's Impressive 3D FloorGraphics: Elevating In-House Event and Trade Fair Presence

Acer's Impressive 3D FloorGraphics: Elevating In-House Event and Trade Fair Presence
Acer's Impressive 3D FloorGraphics: Elevating In-House Event and Trade Fair Presence

In a recent in-house event, our client Acer showcased their innovative and eye-catching 3D FloorGraphics on the first-floor balcony of their office. The design featured large green 3D letters, meticulously calculated to match the perspective of the balcony, creating a visually stunning display.

These Hughe 3D logos were printed using 5 different colors on transparent foil, allowing them to blend seamlessly with the actual floor surface. This striking effect not only enhanced the aesthetics of the event but also served to draw attention to Acer's trade fair stand.

The use of FloorGraphics is a testament to Acer's dedication to innovation and creativity. By incorporating this cutting-edge technology into their marketing strategy, Acer has managed to captivate visitors and distinguish their brand from competitors.

To learn more about Acer's 3D FloorGraphics and how they can benefit your in-house events or trade fair stands, visit the official Acer website.

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