Coca-Cola Life Soda Can 3D Floor Grass Sticker: Detailed Print on Transparent Foil

Coca-Cola Life Soda Can 3D Floor Grass Sticker: Detailed Print on Transparent Foil
Coca-Cola Life Soda Can 3D Floor Grass Sticker: Detailed Print on Transparent Foil

Discover the Art of 3D Floor Stickers with this Coca-Cola Life Soda Can Example

Looking for a way to make your in-store marketing stand out? Look no further than this impressive Coca-Cola Life Soda Can 3D floor sticker on transparent foil. This eye-catching design showcases the incredible possibilities that come with using Shapeshifter Media's high-quality printing techniques.

The 5-colour print (CMYK white) employed in creating these stickers allows for an amazing level of detail and structure, including elements such as grass, hair fissures, cracks, rubble, liquids and transparent materials. These intricate details enable the sticker to seamlessly blend with the underlying floor surface - something that wouldn't be possible with a simple die-cut.

Coca-Cola has consistently chosen Shapeshifter Media for their in-store marketing needs due to our expertise in producing stunning visuals that grab customers' attention. Our unique approach ensures that each design is tailored to match both the brand's identity and its target audience.

  • Breathtaking detail: The use of CMYK white printing enables incredibly fine details and structures within each design.
  • Fully customisable: We work closely with brands like Coca-Cola to create bespoke designs that perfectly suit their marketing goals.
  • Innovative technology: By utilising cutting-edge printing techniques, we can achieve a realistic 3D effect on any surface - even those featuring complex textures.

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