3D street signs for bicycle paths in Tel Aviv, Israel

3D street signs for bicycle paths in Tel Aviv, Israel
3D street signs for bicycle paths in Tel Aviv, Israel

Easy .... rider

Stay on the designated bicycle path.

Welcome to our online gallery showcasing the exciting project we completed for the Tel Aviv city authorities! These talented folks were after an effective way to encourage bicycle riders to stick to designated bicycle paths, and our team was more than happy to help. Take a look at our fantastic 3D street sign floor graphics project!

We designed unique 3D floor signage templates specifically tailored to grab the attention of even the quickest of cyclists. These templates allowed for the easy spraying of striking crayon colour paint onto concrete floor tiles, ensuring that the message was clear and visible. The result was a fantastic addition to Tel Aviv's busy main streets, promoting safer cycling for everyone.

  • Attention-grabbing and vibrant design
  • Easy template-based process for application
  • Ideal for wide-scale use across the city
  • Eco-friendly paint that fades over time, leaving no trace

What's more, our team chose an environmentally friendly paint that would gradually fade away, ensuring that the signage would not leave any lasting damage. This temporary yet impactful solution is a perfect example of how creative visuals can make a difference in raising awareness, keeping both cyclists and pedestrians safe on the busy streets of this bustling city.

Have a gander at our remarkable 3D street art floor graphic project for Tel Aviv, and witness the power of eye-catching design in urban environments. Don't miss out on exploring the rest of our online gallery for more awe-inspiring projects!

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