Shapeshifter Media - advanced imaging

3D logo for the presentation of the new Skoda Rapid SB.

A 3D hole that is placed next to the contruction sites for Sunrise fiber optical cables.

3D floorgraphic for the new Ozone 3 energy drink can with an innovative lid.

3D logo for Obi in the entrance areas of their hardware stores

Free wifi from British Telecom is announced i various shopping malls with our 3D floorgraphics.

3D sticker of a dinosaur footprint for an exhibiton in australia. The big 3D hole can be applied to all surfaces.

3D floor graphic for Ariel washing powder in Japan.

3D FloorPoster of a hole in the floor leading to hell for Cabo Diablo Tequila

retail summit conference israel

The all new Yokohama Ice Guard ic52c winter tire. The 3D floorgraphic illustrates the very good performance of the tire on ...

Design & Concept For 3D Campaigns

Customers often challenge us with their ideas about exploiting certain spaces with our 3D designs. Our objective is to make that space accessible by providing the right 3D technique and to develop a concept for the 3D campaign.
Gallery 3D Illusions

Our gallery for 3d illusions and 3d anaglyph (glasses) experiments.
Stair Graphics

Stair Graphics transform a staircase into an exclusive large-format advertising space. Our patented technique allows for the display of seamless 2D and 3D advertisings.
3D Wall Graphics and Billboards

3D Billboards & 3D Wall Graphics turn a regular large format poster into a giant pop-up display. Both available for framed systems and building surfaces.

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