Dare to climb down ? Floor graphic showing a beautiful 3D scenery of the Grand Canyon through an opening in the ground. The 3D ...

Balance required ! Our 3D floor graphic version of the Hoover Dam, revealed through a hole in the ground. The rope let´s ...

Christmas opening hours announcement with stair graphics Installation of Shapeshifter Media StairGraphics at Drake Circus ...

floor foil 3d cat dog paw transparent

floor graphic osb orchard school bristol 3d logo sign

3d street signs for bicycle paths Cycling signs in Tel Aviv, Israel Tel Aviv has approximately 70km of marked bike lanes! Some ...

3D hole / pit with hanging bridge "Indy" says hello ! As a special attraction for an event in the Czech Republic, the client ...

HSBC Canada Rugby League 3D FloorGraphic for Canada Sevens to announce the start of the 2016 season. The 3D FloorGraphic has a ...

Giant 3D billboard for Samsung Samsung uses our 3D WallGraphics to display their new Galaxy S7 smartphone line in a giant format ...

carling blue label beer 3d sticker fridge door supermarket

Santas from all over the world discussing and taking pictures of our stair graphics at Drake Circus in Plymouth.Didn't know one ...

bancabc mobi 3d floor advertising botswana mobile banking atlasmara

cranium 360 company logo 3d floor

carling blue label beer miller 3d floor bottle can advertising

Choc Shmallow Yummy Choc Shmallow icecream for Peters Fandangles in Australia.

Corona Extra beer Beach scene in 3D for the POS-campaign of Corona Extra in Germany. Let´s be honest. Who wouldnt want to find ...

3d tablet & smartphone 3D advertising for a special sale at Medimax in Germany. Our 3D FloorPosters are the perfect tool for ...

superwhite matte special offer Eye-catching 3D floro advertising for Toom Hardware Stores in Germany. The large 3D bucket placed ...

  • 3d street sign for bicycle path in Tel Aviv Israel
  • rendercube renderfarm 3d rendering silent
  • 3d hole san andreas movie streetart floor advertising
  • kaufhof galeria escalator heart
  • 3d wall graphics botswana visa credit card
  • pantene pro v daily moisture renewal shampoo
  • boxworks stair advertising at moscone center san francisco
  • ford marathon outdoor
  • summer of fun stairs advertising in shopping mall
  • diet coke cherry lime can
  • jen mcgregor visits the mindbuzzler stand
  • tenco coffee stands banner
The 3D chalk street art myth

Large format 3D street art and street paintings created by highly talented artists are both beautiful and stunning. That is - if you look at a photo or through the camera.
Design & Concept For 3D Campaigns

Customers often challenge us with their ideas about exploiting certain spaces with our 3D designs. Our objective is to make that space accessible by providing the right 3D technique and to develop a concept for the 3D campaign.
Gallery 3D Illusions

Our gallery for 3d illusions and 3d anaglyph (glasses) experiments.
3D Wall Graphics and Billboards

3D Billboards & 3D Wall Graphics turn a regular large format poster into a giant pop-up display. Both available for framed systems and building surfaces.
Stair Graphics

Stair Graphics transform a staircase into an exclusive large-format advertising space. Our patented technique allows for the display of seamless 2D and 3D advertisings.
3D POS Media

Purchase decisions are being made right in front of the product. Supermarkets provide various spaces, where different types of advertising communication can be displayed.
3D Floor Posters

3D advertising on the floor with our unique method for the creation of POS pop-up displays. Floor Graphics advertising in it's most attractive and most effective form.
Video Channel

The Shapeshifter Media Video Channel