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TV-relevant advertising behind the goal for Bayer 04 Leverkusen. The german premier soccer league uses our patented technique for ...

StairGraphics for the german premier league soccer team Bayer 04 Leverkusen. The stepped walls of the special area for visitors ...

Beautiful seamless StairGraphics for Boxworks 2014 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The giant boxworks logo on the stairs ...

Our 3d stairs ad for Nescafe in a shopping mall in Nigeria. Below, a distorted version created by another company without our ...

Super Bock beer advertising in 3D on the floor of supermarkets in Portugal. The 3D Bottle and 3D Glass seem to pop up from the ...

An interactive installation of our StairGraphics for the Hermosillo Airport General Ignacio Pesqueira Garcia. The giant seamless ...

The seamless image for our StairGraphics for the Street Art Days in Hanoover was printen on a foil that glows at night for the ...

The state flag of Niedersachsen in a different look at the "hohes Ufer" in Hannover for the street art days. In cooperation with ...

3D logo for the presentation of the new Skoda Rapid SB.

A 3D hole that is placed next to the contruction sites for Sunrise fiber optical cables.

3D logo for Obi in the entrance areas of their hardware stores

3D floorgraphic for the new Ozone 3 energy drink can with an innovative lid.

3D sticker of a dinosaur footprint for an exhibiton in australia. The big 3D hole can be applied to all surfaces.

Free wifi from British Telecom is announced i various shopping malls with our 3D floorgraphics.

3D floor graphic for Ariel washing powder in Japan.

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  • german soccer league bayer 04 leverkusen staircase advertising
  • jen mcgregor visits the mindbuzzler stand
  • asahi yahoo dome zoom
  • muellermilch schoko flasche closeup
  • ariel washing powder 3d advertising
  • specsavers eye tests bulk billed arrow
  • clear hair therapy isle violator
  • esprit openening
  • kleenex cottonelle long roll toilet paper
  • drake circus plymouth christmas opening hours
  • kaufhof galeria escalator heart
Design & Concept For 3D Campaigns

Customers often challenge us with their ideas about exploiting certain spaces with our 3D designs. Our objective is to make that space accessible by providing the right 3D technique and to develop a concept for the 3D campaign.
Gallery 3D Illusions

Our gallery for 3d illusions and 3d anaglyph (glasses) experiments.
3D Wall Graphics and Billboards

3D Billboards & 3D Wall Graphics turn a regular large format poster into a giant pop-up display. Both available for framed systems and building surfaces.
Stair Graphics

Stair Graphics transform a staircase into an exclusive large-format advertising space. Our patented technique allows for the display of seamless 2D and 3D advertisings.
3D POS Media

Purchase decisions are being made right in front of the product. Supermarkets provide various spaces, where different types of advertising communication can be displayed.
3D Floor Posters

3D advertising on the floor with our unique method for the creation of POS pop-up displays. Floor Graphics advertising in it's most attractive and most effective form.
Video Channel

The Shapeshifter Media Video Channel
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