3D water heater for Egypt 3D floor advertising for Stiebel Eltron for a campaign of the manufacturer of water heaters in Egypt. ...

3D oil cane for the leading manufacturer of automotive lubricants 3D floor advertising for Fuchs Schmierstoffe Premium ...

Harmony at every step Our StairGraphics at the entrance hall for an event of Lufthansa. A perfect, seamless image without any ...

Nike encourages use of staircases in sporty campaign with Shapeshifter Media StairGraphics Our StairGraphics for Nike at the ...

3D floor stickers in shopping malls in Kenya for a special sale of Ideal Ceramics. The manufacturer of sinks and bathroom fittings ...

3d hole san andreas movie streetart floor advertising

stairs advertising baseball japan softbank hawks

3D advertsing for the new Edding LAQUE nail polish in german supermarkets.

3D earthquake effect for theatre entrances 3D floorgraphics for the new Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson movie San Andreas. The ...

syntha 6 premium protein matrix

silkygirl go matte lipcolor lipstick

Eye-catching 3D advertising on the floor 3D floor advertsing for Sensodyne after placing the self-adhesive sticker for the new ...

Interactive photo shoots with Shapeshifter Media StairGraphics on the steps of a staircase. StairGraphics at ...

3D chalk stencil sidewalk with a gift box and a qr code. 3D Street art goes guerilla marketing.

3d chalk drawing of coke zero cans as 3D street art. The 3D chalk stencil vanishes by itself after after a few days.

  • 3D Holodeck / Rollup Banners
  • 3d product design
  • ashdod mediterranee festival israel
  • fresh from florida 3d in car camera nascar
  • auma german trade fair industry
  • Stair Graphics Astronaut on Faroe Islands
  • cch hamburg revision
  • bayarena leverkusen rwe crowd on steps
  • syntha 6 premium protein matrix
  • glamour friedrichstrasse berlin steps
  • crysis 2 new york 3d wallgraphic
  • roland american wrapstar
Design & Concept For 3D Campaigns

Customers often challenge us with their ideas about exploiting certain spaces with our 3D designs. Our objective is to make that space accessible by providing the right 3D technique and to develop a concept for the 3D campaign.
Gallery 3D Illusions

Our gallery for 3d illusions and 3d anaglyph (glasses) experiments.
3D Wall Graphics and Billboards

3D Billboards & 3D Wall Graphics turn a regular large format poster into a giant pop-up display. Both available for framed systems and building surfaces.
Stair Graphics

Stair Graphics transform a staircase into an exclusive large-format advertising space. Our patented technique allows for the display of seamless 2D and 3D advertisings.
3D POS Media

Purchase decisions are being made right in front of the product. Supermarkets provide various spaces, where different types of advertising communication can be displayed.
3D Floor Posters

3D advertising on the floor with our unique method for the creation of POS pop-up displays. Floor Graphics advertising in it's most attractive and most effective form.
Video Channel

The Shapeshifter Media Video Channel
Social Hub

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