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Vehicle Wraps

3D wraps & race car graphics

3D Vehicle wraps, fleet graphics & 3D sponsor logos for race cars are part of our developments for mobile advertising and the exploitation of the highly valuable TV signal at sports events.

3D car graphic wrap truck Bluemedia 3D Car Graphic

3D Fleet graphics and customs wraps

Shapeshifter Media's 3D graphics are perfect for branding company car & truck fleets. Turn your regular brandidentity into a moving 3D presentation by utilizing our 3D car wraps as part of a comprehensive mobile marketing campaign.

See more examples in our advertising gallery.

old flat 2d sticker on racecar old flat 2d sticker on racecar

Race car 3D sponsor logos

Sponsor graphics on sports cars have been used for a long time. Now that most racing series feature special in-car cameras, which show the race and parts of the racing car from different positions, new advertising possibilities arise.

Shapeshifter Media was challenged to use our technology to transform the common, plain sponsor logos on the roof of the racing vehicle into a 3D graphic, that would perfectly show through the rooftop camera on TV.

3D in-car camera logo Shapeshifter Media 3D in-car camera logo

In comparison to the old and flat rooftop logo, which often can hardly be read, Shapeshifter Media 3D sponsor logos appear perfectly upright and raises instant awareness on TV. The sponsor's brand name and graphic appears to physically sit on the roof of the racing car.

Every time the rooftop camera is enabled, your brand name truely picks up the pace.

See more examples in our advertising gallery.

Comparison 2D and 3D rooftop logo

This video shows the dramatic increase in the visibility of the rooftop sponsor logo on race cars with our 3D technique compared to the standard 2D sticker.

8 minutes TV presence in 1 race

Our 3D racecar graphics just reached an incredible 8 minutes of full TV presence during a single race. What other stationary and non-digital advertising format can compete with that performance ?

Different sponsors

A lot of different sponsors now use our 3D rooftop sponsor logos with the in-car camera on race cars.