Stair Graphics Production & Printing

Digital delivery for local production and application

From the creation of stunning 3D graphics from scratch to worldwide delivery of the final data - Shapeshifter Media StairGraphics can be easily integrated into your campaign workflow.

single pvc boards for staircase advertising

The final output

As a last step before printing, the final data is arranged into easy to handle sets of files. Each stripe is numbered with a serial and an overview of the layout is created to help the service team on site to quickly apply all parts to their corresponding step.

Our products can be printed on any industry-standard printing machines that supports:

  • digital printing
  • silkscreen printing
  • UV offset printing

You will receive a printable high-resolution design, including paths and markings for automated die-cuts or plotting. The file can be printed and installed by your local printing company, surface owner or service-supplier.

Delivery of the final product

International delivery

To save high shipping costs and to speed up the final process, the final data can be downloaded from our severs, ready to be printed at your local printer. It can be printed on any industry standard foil or other materials. We will provide you with in-depth information on what materials work best for your staircases.

Delivery in Europe

Throughout Europe, we can offer the optional printing and shipping of the final product on self-adhesive foils or aluminum / plastic boards.

Installation of StairGraphics

The following video shows the installation of our StairGraphics. The self-adhesive foils are being layed out onto their corresponding steps and applied to the front surface of each step one after another. This procedure allows for the quick installation of StairGraphics of all sizes.

Installation of StairGraphics in a stadium Installation of StairGraphics in a stadium
Mounting the PVC foil to the risers Mounting the PVC foil to the risers

Step by step

The individual image stripes are layed out on the staircase prior to installation.

For the observer, the image magically builds up as the installation team attaches each stripe to the front side of a step.