Marketing StairGraphics

monetizing each step of a staircase

The seamless display of a large image over more than one step of a staircase opens up a vast number of possibilities for creative advertising and exploiting widely unused advertising space.

In-Store Marketing & Shopping Malls

Large sales spaces across several floors offer an ideal opportunity for product or information advertising on the surface of the steps connecting departments.

step staircase advertising in-store pos obi Obi Hardware Store StairGraphics

Your own company's current campaign, attractive image advertising or customer orientation systems can be placed on a large scale on a staircase in in-store environments and shopping malls, integrating your advertising communication seamlessly into the Point of Sale.

With StairGraphics, you can transform an entrance area or connections between your sales space into an unmissable vehicle for your own advertising or a campaign for one of the brands you stock, informing and surprising your customers with extraordinary perspectives.

escalator advertising Galeria Kaufhof Mall StairGraphics Christmas


As well as on static stairs, Shapeshifter Media StairGraphics can also be used on escalators*. By placing several images on the continuously moving steps of an escalator, you can display a variety of information or images on a "conveyor belt".

*StairGraphics require smooth front step surfaces for use on escalators

Coke Zero Out of Home Advertising Coke Zero Out of Home Advertising

A large format for outdoor advertising

Out-of-home marketing exploits a variety of poster spaces and special advertising forms, to counter possible loss of effect using a variety of media. This is where StairGraphics shine.

Complicated installations for 18/1 formats, banners and flags on building facades, poster columns and advertising on public transport have already transformed the faces of our cities.

But one large surface that brings together potential customers in highly frequented places, entailing neither construction measures nor further operating costs, has not been widely used up to now: staircases.

These two campaigns were placed in the same location, a highly valuable advertising spot in the Tokyo Subway that can only be exploited with Shapeshifter Media StairGraphics

Shapeshifter Media StairGraphics extend the out-of-home spectrum to include a new, exclusive advertising space that surprises, convinces and is widely available.

Harry Potter Out of Home Advertising Harry Potter Out of Home Advertising

With Shapeshifter Media StairGraphics on the steps of underground and rail stations, airports and other public stairs, you can place targeted advertising with maximum frequency. The naturally wide staircases in places like these provide space for creative communication with StairGraphics.

Our own specially programmed software automatically adapts every image to fit every staircase surface, producing ready-to-print part-images strips processed using our patented method in a minimum of time.

football advertising staircase stadium rwe Molottery / St. Louis Blues / NHL


Marketing in sports venues and stadiums covers a wide range of advertising possibilities in and around sporting events, at the heart of the action. However, there are relatively few TV-relevant advertising forms in stadiums themselves.

Shapeshifter Media StairGraphics offer a new form of TV-relevant advertising in sports marketing, in the best-placed locations.

Through the attractive position of the stairs on the terraces, often directly down to the pitch, Shapeshifter Media StairGraphics can place a new large format in stadium advertising directly above the perimeter boards.

football advertising staircase stadium rwe RWE Energy / Bayer Leverkusen / Soccer

First used on the stairs of the BayArena, the stadium of the German national league team Bayer 04 Leverkusen, in the summer of 2001, Shapeshifter Media StairGraphics generated a high TV presence from the word go.

This is comparable with the presence of the best-placed perimeter board advertising at the centre of the pitch, but offers a significantly larger advertising space for your communication than a single advertising board.

georgia natural gas sponsoring Georgia natural gas sponsoring


Sponsors of events and exhibitions benefit greatly from the branding-possibilities with StairGraphics.

While classic banners, info-booths and flyers form the base of your brand communication, the branded staircase is where visitors take photos to share them.