StairGraphics FAQ

You asked - we answered !

The effect of our StairGraphics is dramatic. It completely changes the advertising landscape and of course many questions about safety, usabilty and the materials used arise. On this page, you will find many of those questions answered.

1. General Questions

  • Where can I buy your StairGraphics ?

    Only from Shapeshifter Media or one of our partners.

    StairGraphics can be ordered right here from our contact page or by contacting one of global partners.

  • Can I buy your software to create StairGraphics ?

    No - but you can use it yourself soon

    StairGraphics are created with our own software that makes use of our patented formula. We are currently working on an online-version, so you will be able to directly create StairGraphics from our online-system in the future.

  • What staircases can be used for StairGraphics ?

    Most of them.

    To use a staircase for StairGraphics, it must have the following characteristics :

    • a minimum width of 150 cm per step -> bigger is better
    • a minimum amount of 15 steps -> the more - the better
    • a minimum free space of 400 cm in front of the staircase -> the more - the better
    • a self-adhesive foil (vinyl decal) or thin aluminium/hard-pvc boards must be attachable to the front side of the step
  • Can I use Escalators ?

    Only escalators with a flat front-side work.

    Many modern escalators have tiny "teeth" on the front side of each step. It is vrtually impossible to apply a self-adhesive foil to the front and inner sides of those "teeth"

  • Can I use spiral staircases ?


    Only a few steps of a spiral staircase are visible from any Point Of View at a given time.

2. Effects pedestrians and observers

3. Materials used for StairGraphics

  • What are StairGraphics made of ?

    Self-Adhesive foils or aluminum/hard-pv boards

    StairGraphics are made up from self-adhesive foils or tightly fixed on boards on the front side of steps on a staircase (the riser of a step). The individual parts will form a giant, seamless image across the steps.

    More information about the materials that are being used for StairGraphics can be found here.

  • When should self-adhesive foils be used ?

    Most indoor environments.

    Self-adhesive foils (vinyl decals) stick best to clean, smooth surfaces. Staircases in indoor-environments mostly have a smooth stone-, concrete- or glass-surface, where the foils can easily be attached and removed at any time.

    There are different types of self-adhesive foils for short- , medium- and long-term use. Depending on what material your staircase is made of, we can advise you what material works best for you.

  • Does the staircase have to be prepared to apply the self-adhesive foil ?

    It must be clean.

    The high-tech glue on industry-standard self-adhesive foils for printing will stick to most smooth surfaces. To ensure a maximum in strength and durability, the surface should be cleaned to make sure it is free from dirt and absolutely dry.

  • Can the self-adhesive foil be removed without leaving damage or stains ?


    Most smooth and solid surfaces, such as asphalt, concrete, stone or glass allow for an easy removal of the self-adhesive foil at any given time without leaving any trace.

  • When should self-adhesive foils not be used ?

    On rough or sensitive surfaces or longterm outdoor use.

    Rough surfaces on steps are not suitable for self-adhesive foils. The foil cannot stick to the many gaps on such a surface, thus losing a lot of its tackiness.

    While self-adhesive foils can be used for short-term use in outdoor environments, it is generally not recommended. The weather and changing temperatures highly affect the strength of the glue on the back of the foil.

Have we answered your questions ? Feel free to write us.