Staircase Advertising Workflow

Unleash the power of our 3D technology

StairGraphics allow for a wide range of simple and unique to highly dramatic image effects. Your advertising message can take on the form of a simple large format or the shape of a 3D installation that jumps right at you.

3d advertising on staircases & steps 3D Asahi beer can on the Yahoo dome staircase

Creating a layout for StairGraphics

Working with the surface of a staircase as the canvas for creative advertising, let's you explore completely new possibilities in the design of advertising images.

The staircase, as a seamless advertising format, enables the design to interact with each pedestrian that ascends or descends the steps without affecting them visually.

Existing layouts for other advertising formats can directly be used for staircase advertising. Using 3D imagery on staircases was made possible for the first time with our semaless 3D technology.

2D or 3D - seamless

Your artwork can be used "as is" or optionally be enhanced with 3D components and effects to dramatically increase it's impact for the observer.

Shapeshifter Media can provide you with stunning 3D graphics that are created from simple 2D layouts or product

Our patented techology is all about giving you the most seamless image and covers the calculation of both 2D and 3D images for staircase advertising

asahi beer 3d advertising on staircase

2D to 3D conversion

An Ultra-High-Resolution 3D model of your product is created from your data, that allows us to show it from any side, any camera angle and with any lighting setup. The 3D model will be set into position to create the most dramatic effect on the staircase.

3D Magic unleashed

Besides the basic artwork of your client, all that we need is information on the size of the staircase. Our software will create a stunning 3D version of your product, that seamlessly fits the staircase.

asahi beer can 3d model

Additional Eye-Candy

Once the product sits right in place to make maximum use of the availabe space on the staircase, we use additional effects and create a high-res version of the final graphic.

We can use existing artwork from your design department or create new supplementary 3D effects that will support the key visual and add to a dramatic look to the the overall desing.

The final image is then processed with our patented formula.

stairgraphics formula

What does this formula do ?

Our seamless staircase advertising formula is the only way to create a seamless image across multiple steps of a staircase.

We take the individual measures of a staircase and fully re-calculate the overall apprearance of that image, that is to be displayed on the staircase.
The resulting, non-linear cut stripes can then be applied to the steps of the staircase sequentially.

You can compare common solutions to our patented method right here.

Special calculations for steep angles

If pedestrians do not approach a staircase from the front, we can set up our software to respect any other direction.