3D Cheerios Vehicle Wrap on Legends Racing Car Hood: Innovative Sponsorship & Iconic Cereal History

3D Cheerios Vehicle Wrap on Legends Racing Car Hood: Innovative Sponsorship & Iconic Cereal History
3D Cheerios Vehicle Wrap on Legends Racing Car Hood: Innovative Sponsorship & Iconic Cereal History

Gather 'round, folks, and let's take a gander at this remarkable image from the gallery of vehicle wraps, starring an eye-catching 3D sponsor graphic from none other than the iconic cereal brand, Cheerios!

Now, what's really somethin' special here is how the creative 3D sticker on this Legends Series race car hood syncs up impeccably with the perspective of the onboard camera. Yeah, you heard that right - this nifty piece of advertising has turns a previously unused space into a sponsor's dream, with some extra coin jingling in their pockets, we'd reckon!

Talk about thinking outside the (cereal) box, eh? So let's spill the beans, or rather, the oats on Cheerios, shall we?

A quick trip down memory lane takes us back to May 1, 1941, when those delectable little circles were introduced as CheeriOats. Not long after, in 1945, the moniker was shortened to the name we all know and love today – Cheerios. And would you believe it? The recipe, packed with whole-grain oats, has remained unchanged ever since. Quite rightly, this has earned Cheerios a spot as one of the most recognised cereal brands across the pond in the U.S.

So folks, next time you catch sight of this fabulous onboard racer view, remember the incredible history and innovation of the Cheerios brand - and of course, enjoy the race!


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