Nestle's Exciting Floor Sticker Promotes Drumstick & Twister Ice Cream Varieties

Nestle's Exciting Floor Sticker Promotes Drumstick & Twister Ice Cream Varieties
Nestle's Exciting Floor Sticker Promotes Drumstick & Twister Ice Cream Varieties

As you walk through the supermarket, a colourful floor graphic sticker catches your eye. This advertisement, designed to draw the attention of shoppers, features Nestle's delectable ice cream products: Drumstick and Twister varieties. The image showcases a person happily holding a Drumstick ice cream cone and a Twister ice cream bar, making it impossible to resist these frozen delights.

The vibrant colours and easy-to-read text of the sticker make it an effective promotional tool for Nestle's ice cream treats. By placing the sticker in a high-traffic area of the supermarket, Nestle ensures that their products are seen by a large number of shoppers, increasing the likelihood of impulse purchases and boosting sales.

For those eager to indulge in these mouth-watering ice cream options, both the Drumstick and Twister varieties offer a unique and satisfying taste experience. Drumsticks feature a crunchy cone filled with creamy ice cream and topped with chocolate and nuts, while Twisters boast a fun, swirled combination of flavours and textures.

Find out more about Nestle's ice cream products and their latest promotions by visiting their official website at

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