Introducing Thun-Visch: A Vegan Tuna Revolution by Nestlé

Introducing Thun-Visch: A Vegan Tuna Revolution by Nestlé
Introducing Thun-Visch: A Vegan Tuna Revolution by Nestlé

Discover the Thun-Visch revolution - Nestlé's latest innovation in the world of vegan cuisine. This delightful vegan tuna alternative offers a versatile, flavorful, and plant-based option that is perfect for every dish. Whether you're looking for a delicious topping for your salad, a zesty touch to your pizza, or a bold component for your sandwich, Thun-Visch has got you covered.

Thun-Visch, a creative German re-write of "Tuna fish", is crafted with just seven simple ingredients to capture the essence of traditional fish flavor without any frills or fuss. The juicy texture of this vegan creation ensures an unforgettable culinary experience that doesn't compromise on taste or sustainability.

As part of Nestlé's commitment to environmental responsibility, the launch of Thun-Visch is accompanied by a captivating 3D floor sticker for point of sale campaigns. Featuring two glasses filled with the mouth-watering vegan product, this eye-catching display showcases the enticing appeal of Thun-Visch while inviting customers to experience a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional seafood options.

Don't miss out on this game-changing vegan innovation by Nestlé. Elevate your meals and join the plant-based movement with Thun-Visch today. Learn more and find out where to buy.

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