Kleenex Cottonelle's Eye-Catching 3D Floor Graphic in Supermarket

Kleenex Cottonelle's Eye-Catching 3D Floor Graphic in Supermarket
Kleenex Cottonelle's Eye-Catching 3D Floor Graphic in Supermarket

Showcase of the marketing techniques employed by Kleenex Cottonelle through the implementation of a three-dimensional floor graphic within a supermarket setting. The image showcases a large adhesive sticker, meticulously designed and positioned on the floor, that depicts an extended roll of Cottonelle toilet paper in a strikingly photorealistic manner.

The toilet paper roll, rendered predominantly in white, features the brand's distinctive blue embossed design pattern on each individual sheet. The roll appears to unravel throughout the length of the graphic, with the "Cottonelle" brand name and the Kleenex logo prominently exhibited on the visible portion of the roll. The floor graphic's primary objective is to capture consumer attention and generate visual impact, subsequently stimulating consideration for the purchase of Kleenex Cottonelle's toilet paper product.

In addition to the 3D FloorGraphic, a 3D poster for out of home advertising was created which shows a very long tunnel featuring the Cottonelle long roll.

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