Discover Rome's Colosseum Through a Unique 3D Floor Sticker Experience

Discover Rome's Colosseum Through a Unique 3D Floor Sticker Experience
Discover Rome's Colosseum Through a Unique 3D Floor Sticker Experience

3D floor sticker scene of the roman colosseum surrounded by a stone wall and a 3D camera on the side. This 3D floor decal lets you "step into the colosseum" and take stunning photos while you're inside the 3D floor illusion. As part of an art installation, this exhibits puts special focus on 3D floor media as being part in an advertising campaign for trips to Rome.

Experience the grandeur of Rome's Colosseum with our immersive 3D floor sticker that transports you into the heart of this ancient amphitheater. As part of an innovative art installation, the 3D floor decal creates a stunning visual illusion that allows you to "step into the Colosseum" and snap remarkable photos using the 3D camera provided.

Surrounded by a meticulously crafted stone wall, the scene captures the essence of the Colosseum's architecture and historical significance. This exhibit showcases the potential of 3D floor media in the realm of advertising, specifically promoting trips to Rome.

Don't miss this opportunity to explore the Colosseum in a way never seen before, and be a part of the art installation that brings Rome closer to you.

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