Stunning 3D Blurred Illusion Floor Graphic in "Blurred Illusion" TV Show

Stunning 3D Blurred Illusion Floor Graphic in
Stunning 3D Blurred Illusion Floor Graphic in

Discover the 3D Floor Graphics on the Set of "Blurred Illusion"

Experience the incredible 3D floor graphics created by Shapeshifter Media for the "Blurred Illusion" TV show at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW). This visually stunning floor sign adds an extra layer of intrigue to the show, which follows in the footsteps of the iconic 90s TV series "X-Factor".

Hosted by renowned Star Trek actor Jonathan Frakes, "X-Factor" unravelled several mysteries and led viewers on a thrilling journey of discovery. Just like its inspiration, "Blurred Illusion" offers a fascinating blend of mysteries and electrifying discussions. To truly capture the essence of the original show, Shapeshifter Media spared no effort to create a unique 3D illusion that perfectly complements the set design.

But, what makes this 3D floor sign so special? Combining mind-bending art and cutting-edge technology, it offers a visual feast for viewers, enchanting them with its awe-inspiring design and mesmerising appearance. It's no wonder this artistic marvel has quickly become one of the key elements of the "Blurred Illusion" show!

  • Designed by Shapeshifter Media
  • Inspired by the legendary "X-Factor" series
  • Hosted by renowned Star Trek actor Jonathan Frakes
  • A true testament to the power of creativity in set design

The TV show was aired through the local TV station

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