floorgraphics bancabc mobi 3d floor advertising botswana mobile banking atlasmara

floorgraphics bancabc mobi 3d floor advertising botswana mobile banking atlasmara
floorgraphics bancabc mobi 3d floor advertising botswana mobile banking atlasmara

Discover the captivating 3D floorgraphics campaign in Botswana by BancABC, a part of Atlas Mara, displayed in the foyers of their local banks and in the vicinity of ATM cash machines. This remarkable marketing approach draws attention to the brand and its services, providing a visually appealing experience for clients.

The ingenious 3D floor design effortlessly informs customers about the convenient ways to transfer money using BancABC's services. Kudos to Shapeshifter Media for executing such an eye-catching design, which effectively captures the interest of passersby and raises awareness for the brand.

Atlas Mara Limited is a swiftly growing financial services group in sub-Saharan Africa, proudly listed on the London Stock Exchange. The company's ultimate goal is to establish itself as the premier financial institution in the region. They plan to achieve this through a blend of their team's expertise, access to capital, liquidity, and funding, all in order to support the economic growth and fortify financial systems in Africa.

  • Atlas Mara has recently acquired BancABC, the commercial arm of the Development Bank of Rwanda.
  • The group has also merged with the African Development Corporation.
  • Moreover, Atlas Mara possesses a significant 29.9% stake in Union Bank of Nigeria.

With its strategic investments and commitment to excellence, there's no doubt that Atlas Mara is on the fast track to becoming a leading force within the sub-Saharan African financial landscape.


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