3D Azrieli Card Floor Graphic: PVC Sticker with Inset Hole Design for Visual Impact

3D Azrieli Card Floor Graphic: PVC Sticker with Inset Hole Design for Visual Impact
3D Azrieli Card Floor Graphic: PVC Sticker with Inset Hole Design for Visual Impact

Discover an eye-catching 3D floor design created for the Azrieli malls bonus card. This spectacular design showcases the bonus card as if it's inset into the actual floor, sparking curiosity and interest among mall-goers. It's as if customers could simply bend down and pick up the seemingly embedded card!

As a brilliant piece of 3D floor art, this 3D illusion serves as both entertainment and an engaging conversation starter for shoppers at the Azrieli malls. This captivating creation employs a clever use of PVC stickers to manifest the mind-bending visual effect.

  • Attract customer attention with this remarkable illusion
  • Boost social media engagement as shoppers snap and share photos
  • Create memorable moments for mall visitors, leaving a lasting impression

So why not head over to the Azrieli malls and experience this fascinating 3D floor design for yourself? It's the perfect opportunity to strike a pose and share the fun on your favourite social media platform. This one-of-a-kind floor graphic installation is truly a must-see, leaving visitors inspired and entertained. Don't miss out on this captivating visual treat!


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