Dive Into London's Sights with This 3D Floor Art at a Shopping Mall Art Festival

Dive Into London's Sights with This 3D Floor Art at a Shopping Mall Art Festival
Dive Into London's Sights with This 3D Floor Art at a Shopping Mall Art Festival

A creative 3d floor design for the art festival in a shopping mall. The 3d floordesign shows a surreal scene with word famous sights from the city of London, England. The Big Bend clock tower and the tower bridge seem to support a bent, glas-like surface while a typical London double-decker red bus allows people to practically "surf" on its upper deck. The entire 3D floor illusion is about 6 square meters in size and just one of the many 3d illusions that Shapeshifter Media created for the art festival.

Get ready to be amazed by this incredible 3D floor art showcasing London's iconic landmarks! Created by Shapeshifter Media for an art festival in a shopping mall, this surreal 6-square-meter design takes you on a journey through the city of London.

Marvel at the Big Ben clock tower and Tower Bridge as they appear to support a bent, glass-like surface. Hop aboard a classic London double-decker red bus, which seems to let people "surf" on its upper deck. This 3D illusion is just one of many captivating designs that Shapeshifter Media has created for the art festival.

Ready to see more? Check out the more 3D illusions in our gallery and don't miss the chance to experience this one-of-a-kind art form in person.

Whether you're a fan of London or simply love innovative art, this 3D floor illusion is bound to impress. Share your thoughts on this surreal masterpiece using the hashtags above, and let the world know about this mind-blowing experience!

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