3d street sign for bicycle path in Tel Aviv Israel

3d street signs for bicycle paths

Cycling signs in Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv has approximately 70km of marked bike lanes! Some of them are on sidewalks in the city and some are outside the city center, in the neighborhoods and parks.

To keep things in order and avoid conflicts between bicycle riders and pedestrians, the Tel Aviv city council decided to use special 3D markings on the pavement, that encourage bicycle riders to only use the given bike lanes.

Shapeshifter Media's 3D FloorPosters are the perfect tool for the job. In cooperation with our local partner Pirsum Yrok, the 3D floor markings were drawn on the pavements of the city by using a special, environmentally neutral paint.

You can find a full map of Tel Aviv's bicycle paths right here: Tel Aviv bicycle lanes

Visitors can find out about attractive bike trails and plan their bicycle trips on Tel Aviv Mapride

Difference to common floor markings

The following image illustrates the dramatic difference between Shapeshifter Media's 3D floor markings and common floor markings. Our 3D street signs are not only visible from a distance but also perfectly suited for bicycle riders who travel at a much higher speed than pedestrians.

3D Gehweh Markierungen Tel Aviv