3d floor hole pit hanging bridge streetart catwalk

3D hole / pit with hanging bridge

"Indy" says hello !

As a special attraction for an event in the Czech Republic, the client wished for a large-scale 3D floorgraphic that visitors could interact with.

The 3D hole, a bottom-less pit with an instable, party destroyed hanging bridge, creates the atmosphere of popular adventure movies and allows the visitors to take spectacular photos.

The self-adhesive foil for outdoor use has a total size of 161 square feet and a special anti-slip surface. This allows for maximum safety even for the most dangerous jungle-trials ;)

Advantages over commmon street art :

  • installation within a few minutes (compared to 3 days of drawing and closing of the area)
  • image stays on wetness (compared to washed away drawing on rain)
  • anti-slip surface on wetness (compared to degradation of drawing through pedestrians and slippery chalc-residue on wetness)
  • residue-free removal within minutes (compared to labour-intense end-cleaning of the chalc remains)
  • print any number and synchronise use on different locations (compared to single image in just one location)
Further advantages of Shapeshifter Media 3D FloorPosters and common misconceptions about common 3D street art (what street artists never tell you) can be found here : 3d chalc street art myth