Outdoor 4C Self-Adhesive Vinyl

Short - to mid-term advertising in outdoor environments requires high-tech solutions ...

This is a 2-mil, durable, opaque film designed for making short term graphics that are applied to unsealed, outdoor, pedestrian traffic surfaces or selected smooth-to-rough wall surfaces. This film has excellent hiding power and can be screen printed.

Outdoor 4C Vinyl self-adhesive foil


Film Cast vinyl
Film color White, opaque
Thickness Without adhesive: 2 mils (0.04 mm)
With adhesive: 6-7 mil (0.15-0.17 mm
Adhesive Pressure sensitive
Adhesive color Gray
Liner Polyethylene-coated layflat paper
Tensile strength 13 pound/inch at 73_F (2.3kg/cm at 23_C) minimum
Chemical resistance Resists mild alkalis, mild acids, and salt
Excellent resistance to water (but not immersion)

Application Ideas

Sidewalk signs provide a unique way to reach consumers at the retail point-of-customer contact. Almost anywhere you have pedestrian traffic, sidewalk signs can present your message effectively to customers, clients, visitors and employees. Here are just some of the many locations and ways a sidewalk sign may be used whether it is needed for just a day or for months.

  • Use outside at fairs, trade shows, retail outlets, entertainment and sports venues, convention centers, private businesses, schools, public buildings and special events such as parades and marathons
  • Build brand equity and support for sales promotions at the retail level
  • Use for market test promotions
  • Advertise product brands, sales, and upcoming events
  • Create directional and informational signs
  • Promote internal company events such as celebrations, employee recognition, etc.

Recommended Types of Graphics and End Uses

When constructed and used as described in this Bulletin, these types of graphics and end uses may be warranted by the 3MTM MCSTM Warranty. Please read the entire Bulletin for details.
  • Sidewalk sign graphics applied to unsealed, outdoor, pedestrian traffic surfaces
  • Graphics applied to indoor and outdoor concrete block and brick-type wall surfaces

Limitations of End Uses

3M specifically does not recommend or warrant the following uses, but please contact us to discuss your needs or recommend other products.

Unsuitable End Uses for This Product

  • Application to playing surfaces such as basketball courts.
  • Exposure to frequent vehicle traffic, snowplows, snow shovels, heavy equipment traffic; minor edge chipping is unavoidable
  • Graphics made of individually laminated cut numbers, letters and characters.
  • Indoor floor applications
  • Walls that may be exposed to high moisture from rain, sprinklers, etc.


Loose, damaged or wet sidewalk signs may cause a pedestrian to slip or trip and fall.
To reduce the risk of slipping or tripping on sidewalk signs:

  • Use only 3Mt Scotchcalt Matte Overlaminate 3647, which has a slip-resistant surface.
  • Properly apply only to unsealed outdoor surfaces (unsealed asphalt, unsealed concrete, paving bricks).
  • Immediately remove or replace loose or damaged sidewalk signs. Do not attempt to repair or re-adhere.
  • Upon completion of a pedestrian event on a roadway, remove the sidewalk sign before normal traffic resumes. Failure to heed this Caution may result in personal injury.

Wall Graphics

This film can be used for wall graphics; however, the user must determine the product's suitability and whether it has the necessary adhesion for their application. The user is solely responsible for the graphic adhesion to the substrate. For guidelines, see Instruction Bulletin 5.37.

Official material specs

Product Bulletin 9008
Release B-EU, Effective August 2002
Graphic Film Series for Floors 9008
Shelf life
1 year after receipt from
3M (dry conditions,
Temp. < 38°C)
• For MCS™ warranted short term promotional
Floor Graphics
Effective Performance Life
When manufactured, applied and maintained in
accordance with 3M recommended procedures,
Product line
graphics produced on 3M™ Scotchcal™ Plus
Graphic Film Series 9008 and protected with 3M™
Scotchcal™ Overlaminate 3649 a warranty
founded on 3M™ MCS™ will be given by 3M.
The performance statements are based upon foot
traffic experience in the field. Graphics may be
This information is subject to change. These values
damaged by pallets or heavy equipment such as
are typical for unprinted film and are not intended
fork-lifts; minor edge chipping is unavoidable.
This type of damage is not covered by 3M’s
for use in specifications. Be sure this is the most
warranty. Performance depends upon preparation
current Product Bulletin. See 3M Related
of the floor before application, the exposure
Literature at the end of this bulletin.
conditions, the maintenance of the graphics, and the
condition of the floor.
White / transparent PVC
Warranted Durability
Thickness (film only)
0.075 to 0.10 mm
• To be a warranted graphic, film series 9008
must have Scotchcal Overlaminate Film
Adhesive (type and
Removable pressure
3649 applied.
activated, clear
135 g/m² silicone coated
• Please refer to the European MCS™ Product
Warranty Chart for details. The Product
Warranty Chart is available on request from
Applications surface
your local 3M contact.
Application substrate
waxed vinyl, sealed
concrete marble, terrazzo,
We recommend cutting radiuses on any sharp
ceramic tile, finished
corners after lamination. This helps to prevent
premature lifting of the graphic after application.
Minimum application
Limitations of End Uses
Without heat
We do not normally warrant other applications, but
Service temperature
0°C to 65°C
please contact us to discuss your needs or let us
suggest other 3M products.
Meets laminated with
Specifically, we do not warrant this film for the
Scotchcal™ Overlaminate
3649 the requirements for
flammability class B1
• Graphics that are not overlaminated
according to DIN 4102
• Graphics used for purposes other than floor
Tensile strength
30 N/mm2 at 23°C
• Graphics applied to substrates other than those
Applied shrinkage
0.50 mm
6 N/25cm
Adhesion (FINAT
• Graphics subjected to gasoline vapours or
TM-1, stainless steel,
200 mm/min)
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Product Bulletin PB_9008-EU-B-Aug02
• Exposure to vehicle traffic (except light slow
moving traffic)
• Exterior applications
Overlaminate film 3649 laminated to film series
9008 has been tested and is approved according to
the German regulation DIN 4102 B1
Application Tapes
Film series 9008 does not require a premask or
prespace tape for application.
Important Notice
This bulletin provides technical information only.
All questions of warranty and liability relating to
this product are governed by the terms and
conditions of the sale, subject, where applicable, to
the prevailing law.
Before using, the user must determine the
suitability of the product for its intended use, and
the user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in
connection therewith.
3M Related Literature
3M offers for all products detailed technical
literature. Additionally, comprehensive instruction
bulletins are available describing in detail the best
usage of our products.
Ask your local 3M contact or refer to local
Commercial Graphics internet pages to get the most
current product and/or instruction bulletins.
For Further Assistance
For help on specific questions relating to 3M
Scotchcal Film Series 9008 or any other 3M
Commercial Graphics products, please contact your
local 3M Technical Service person or:
3M Laboratories (Europe)
Zweigniederlassung der 3M Deutschland GmbH
- Commercial Graphics Division -
Carl-Schurz-Strasse 1
D-41453 Neuss
Phone +49 (0) 2131 14-3500
Fax +49 (0) 2131 14-2377
The use of trademark signs and brand names in this
bulletin is based upon US standards. These
standards may vary from country to country outside
the USA.
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Product Bulletin PB_9008-EU-B-Aug02

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