Indoor 5C Self-Adhesive Transparent Vinyl

Seamlessly blend in your 3D imagery with the actual floor

Same as with the 4C Indoor Vinyl, this film ist best used in dry indoor environments. The 5-color print enables you to add shadows and transparent areas, that will visually connect to the floor.

Indoor 5C Vinyl self-adhesive transparent foil


Weight (g/m2) 114
Thickness (μm) 90
Tensile strength longitudinal (N/mm2) 30
transverse (N/mm2) 28
Elongation at break longitudinal (%) 170
transverse (%) 200
Transparency (%) 90
Opacity (%) -
Shelf life of laminate (1) 2
Max. outdoor durability (years) (2) 2

(1)Refers to adhesion and printability when stored in original packaging in dark, dry conditions at a temperature of 22 +/- 2 degrees celsius and a relative humidity of 50 % +/- 5 %.

(2)Under normal climatic conditions as prevailing in Central Europe

The 5C Indoor self-adhesive vinyl is a flexible PVC film recommended for screen printing. The product can be printed in UV offset with suitable inks.

Consult your printing ink supplier about suitable printing inks for your particular application. All printing inks should be tested for suitability prior to use. For the effect of Split-lines on transparent film for window applications and/or printing with translucent inks please refer to manufacturer's website.

The 5C Indoor self-adhesive vinyl films display a high degree of tear resistance and tear propagation resistance. They also display relatively good aging stability, water resistance and light-fastness, depending on the actual applications for which they are used. They are used for the production of high-quality labels for indoor and outdoor application.

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