Shapeshifter Media

advanced imaging

Shapeshifter Media specializes in the development, creation and production of exclusive 3d advertising media and 3D designs.

Based in Hamburg / Germany, our worldwide business to business services focus on :

  • In-store POS Marketing
  • Out Of Home Advertising
  • Sports-marketing
  • Events, Fairs and Exhibitions
  • 3D Graphics & Digital Media

Shapeshifter Media enhances your company's and your clients' range of possibilities for the presentation of brands, products and services with state of the art designs and exclusive advertising media.

We supply your business with eye-catching products that stand out from the crowd but require no special, cost-intensive technology for their application. Shapeshifter Media's constant development of advertising formats includes innovative media for custom campaigns and patented standards for mass production.

Shapeshifter Media as

direct supplier for your company's advertising campaign

For your company's advertisiong campaign, for marketing professionals and decision makers, Shapeshifter Media's services and advertising products can be directly implemented into your inhouse workflow.

Using your current campaign data, we will pick the components that are best suited for our 3D media and digital presentations and provide you with advertising solutions that let your brand stand out from the cloud.

Shapeshifter Media as

specialist supplier for the advertising industry

Shapeshifter Media interacts with advertising and design agencies, printing companies and full service providers for out of home advertising, in-store-media & point of sale marketing.

We understand ourselves as a supplier of innovative advertising formats and stunning 3D graphics for your customers' marketing mix. Acting as a media agent, dealer, reseller or exclusive distributor of our products, you can seamlessly integrate our services into your workflow when planning an advertising campaign.

Based on your client's campaign data, our advertising media is created as part of your project to extend your portfolio of advertising measures and to let you exploit exclusive and widely unused advertising space.

Worldwide electronic delivery

& local printing

Our products and services are available worldwide. We offer the creation of our advertising formats and 3d presentations both order-based and through our exclusive distribution agreements.

To take advantage of your local infrastructure and business relationships, our products are created in a way so that they can be printed on any industry-standard printing machine using digital printing, silkscreen printing or UV offset printing machines. This way, you can avoid high shipping costs and get the best pricing for prints right on location. Shapeshifter Media will supply you with a list of the best vinyls, self-adhesive foils and other materials for indoor or outdoor use.

No special equipment is required for the installation of our products. You can offer installation services to your clients or just let the inhouse staff of your client do the application. We will provide you with very simple instructions on how to apply, clean and remove our products.