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Shapeshifter Media offers customs developments & patent approved solutions for mass production.


Seamless advertising on staircases - the only method

patent papers

The internationally registered patents have been granted for the
"Method for representing an image on a stepped surface and staircase".

This procedure is the only way to reproduce a seamless, large-format image across several steps and landings of a staircase. This process enables the efficient use and marketing of the steps of a staircase as a single advertising medium for the first time.

Patent US 7155849 Patent US 7155849.jpg
Patent US 7155849
Patent JP 4261909 Patent JP 4261909
Patent JP 4261909

We develop for you

Unlike other companies in the business, we do not sell printed square meters but well thought-trough and highly precise solutions for the exploitation of widely unused advertising space.

You can make direct use of our developments by simply sending us your base images and measures for any of our products and you will receive an ready-to-print-anywhere file in no time.

FloorPosters & other "Pop-Up" Media

To succeed with unusual imagery in advertising, design MUST meet maths.

The creation of optical illusions through paintings, fresco or other imagery has a long tradition throughout historic and modern art. Yet a great design is not enough to create that illusion. It all comes down to precise maths.

Shapeshifter Media has developed methods and software-based procedures to transform exisiting photography or artwork into 3D imagery, that gives the observer the impression of an object existing in real space. Without lenticular lenses, without holographic layers, without 3D glasses or electronic devices.

Using our developments

If you are interested in integrating our products and solutions into your business, or how to become an exclusive distributor for our products in your region, please see our information on Business To Business partnerships.