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Santa is coming ...

christmas sales
with 3D FloorPosters

90% of all christmas sales happen within the last two weeks before christmas-eve. Make sure your product stands out from the crowd and influence purchase decisions with our 3D advertising media.

Here are a few examples for our christmas-themed 3D FloorPosters to get you startet.

Holiday discount on the creation of 3D graphics : 15%* - just for you !
*Holiday offer ends December 10th, 2014

Gifts for everyone

Surprise your customers with our pre-made or "customized-to-match-your-brand" 3D pop-up gifts and turn the retail-space into a fully branded christmas-sales wonderland.

Eye-catching product pop-up

Draw instant attention to your christmas-special and present your holiday product line-up as exclusive gifts to your customers.

Exclusive branding

Complete your chain of advertising measures with a personal message that your clients will love. It's christmas ;)

Transport emotions & desires

A little glitter and glam with the right product 3D presentation will definitely bias purchase decisions in favor of your product.

Nom Nom Nom

Who can resist if they come across a basket full of freshly baked buns ? Our 3D FloorPosters look so authentic, you can nearly smell the sweet cinnamon rolls. And they surely point you into the right direction.

Classic christmas ambience

Decorate retail environments with our classic christmas-themed 3D designs and watch your customers shoot photos for social media.

Shopping makes you thirsty

It´s not just all about holiday presents. A well themed 3D design for your product goes directly in line with your customers' cozy christmas feeling.

For all audiences

Play with direct messages to your target audience. They will like to share it and pass it on to their friends.

You can include trackable QR-Codes to your social sites and even markings for Augmented Reality (AG).

How to order

Just quickly hop over to our contact form and we will instantly return detailed information to you on how we can quickly prepare your base-graphics into a full-blown 3D FloorPoster.

Quick facts :

  • We work with your existing base graphics & create the required 3d content
  • All 3D graphics are created with mathematical precision
  • Made in Germany
  • Lead times are approx 3 days for the creation of your 3D layout (after we receive all your data)
  • High-quality prints through our printing partners
  • You can print with your existing printing partners if preferred (high resolution, printable file provided)

Our 3D products

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