Holodeck Versions

The Holodeck provides solutions for branding trade stands and exhibition booths,
mobile event stands, retail stores and entrance areas.

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Trade show stand

Stand out with this new type of 3D trade stand. The Holodeck instantly arises awareness for your trade show booth and invites the visitors to join the 3D brand experience. Freely place your exhibits and electronic screens around the Holodeck to maintain a clean, professional and stunning look.

Mobile event stand

Take the holodeck with you at any time and set up your mobile event stand within minutes. Just position the roll-up banners, put some weight on the feet and you're ready to go.

No complex rigging, no screws.

Retail shop branding

The Holodeck is perfect for retail shop branding. It will automatically align itself for anybody crossing your front window. Instead of just using a window decoration, you can combine the display of actual products with an fully branded and quickly re-brandable sales space that matches your current campaign.

Inside the retail store, the Holodeck can be used as a product storage system where you can set up your product shelfs just as usual and create compartments for different product categories.

Show & concert backdrop

Wether on stage in a theater or concert hall or in a smaller setting for your private concert - the holodeck proivides a perfect and easy to setup ambience.

Exhibition & Museums

You can create stunning virtual environments for an exhibition by using the Holodeck. Easily place your exhibits inside the Holodeck and watch your visitors explore your themed show. You are free to choose any image and setup for your customised 3D experience.

There can be any number of rows, any size and placement of the banners for your individual setup. You define your own virtual world.

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