The 3D Holodeck

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The 3D Holodeck

The 3D Holodeck is an array of stepped surfaces (banners or walls) on which a seamless image can be displayed. From the front side, it appears as a perfect 3D illusion of whatever image or scene you wish to display.

Seamless display system

The holodeck takes advantage of our patented method for StairGraphics. Only this time - you don't need to find an existing space to use it. Just take it anywhere and set it up in minutes.

Fully accessible

The 3D Holodeck can be accessed from all sides.

Wether as banners hanging down from the ceiling or used from the ground up with any industry-standard display system - the Holodeck let´s you create your own branded space.

Perfect illusion

The 3D Holodeck is the first 3D display that you can physically access in-depth. People seem to suddenly appear and disappear while they explore your virtual world or have a closer look at whatever you partly or fully hide inside.

Be creative

The Holodeck solves the limitations of common printed display systems. Create entirely new looks for your 3d trade stand, event display, entrance area, exhibition booth, retail shop or mobile event. The Holodeck allows for numerous applications and perspectives that otherwise just can't be.

Always fits your needs

There can be any number of rows, any size and placement of the banners for your individual setup. You define your own virtual world.

Without our method ...

... you will have a Stutterer

Without our patented method, the original image will be destroyed. The image will simply not look seamless from any perspective.
You will get an akwardly repetitive-looking result. We call it the Stutterer.

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