Business to Business

Business To Business

Shapeshifter Media offers project-based and exclusive business to business models for reselling our products worldwide.

Partnership and networking

Shapeshifter Media's products and services are available on a global basis. Our advertising media, 3D graphics and presentations can be delivered worldwide via electronic data transfer for local implementation and printing. Throughout Europe, we also offer the delivery of our advertising media as printed products.

As part of our international activities, we build on strong, longterm partnerships. Our innovative advertising formats and 3D media enables our partners :

  • to extend their portfolio of advertising measures with new formats that stand out from the crowd
  • to exploit widely unused advertising space with eye-catching applications
  • to exclusively supply their customers with our products and services in their country / region

We currently offer two types of business models for the distribution of our products :

1. Project based (non-exclusive)

The project based model includes the creation of our products on an order base. The product is created according to our customers' specifications and delivered via electronic download for local printing or as a final, printed product. No additional license fees that depend on the duration and use of the advertising campaign and no regional exclusivity are part of this model.

2. Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Exclusive Distributor

Our Exclusive Distribution Agreement enables our partners to become the only reseller of our advertising media in their country / region. With this agreement, Shapeshifter Media will only supply the contracted partner with their products and services, new developments and support for the local implementation in their markets for the named regions.

In addition, our exclusive partners benefit from

  • 30% discounted pricing for all 3D graphics
  • an exclusive set of marketing documents, images and movies that is branded with their company logo and names them as our contracted partner
  • a set of printable examples for the presentation of our advertising media to their clients
  • their own pages for presenting their products and services on our website for internet marketing purposes
  • automatic forwarding of any inquiries for their regions
  • a first option to extend the exclusivity to further regions